Multiple Global Headers in the Theme Builder

Multiple Global Headers in the Theme Builder

af | 30. april 2020 | Divi & Extra Theme, Nyheder, WordPress & Wooommerce

Have you ever thought about using multiple global headers in the theme builder? Is it even possible?

The answer to that question is YES, it’s possible in more than one way. Let me show and explain it to you.

The first way is the most simple one, but in some cases you need more theme builder templates with the same header.


In the Theme Builder you can set which pages etc. the template should apply to.

So simple is that. But if you need more that one global header in the theme builder, you can also do it in another way.

First you create a theme builder header that you would like to be your second global header.

Then you save that theme builder header as a global layout to the Divi Library.

Now the layout above is save in the Divi Library as a global layout.

Next up – drag that global header to the next theme builder template.

And Voila! Here you go.

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